Monday, May 11, 2009

2 Great Movies!

We rented this one through Netflix, Last Chance Harvey. (last week) I kept expecting it to just be one of those movies where nothing happens and it disappoints you in the end, but this one doesn't do that at all. It's about 2 lonely people who find eachother and bring out the good in eachother. I really liked it, and if I say I liked it, that means it had a good ending! (sorry if that spoils it for you)
Wolverine X-Men Origins! Yes, I know, what a contrast between the two movies! I love the X-men movies! (who doesn't like to watch Hugh Jackman?) My husband and I went on a "date" Saturday night and saw this one in the theatre! It was great! Now, we are going to have to rent the last 3 X-Men movies to refresh our memories!
**We saw Benjamen Button Mother's day evening, and I was not impressed with that one at all, all the main character does is sleep with everyone, oh, and grow younger and cuter.


  1. Thanks for the tips, Jamie. I reserved Last Chance Harvey from the library -- I just have to wait a few months! ;-)

  2. I want to see LCH so thanks for the review! Xmen are excellent! Yeah, Hugh is such eye candy. LOL.

  3. Thanks for the movie tips. I wasn't sure about LCH, so I appreciate the review. I'll add it to my queue. As for XMen, usually if it's too much of a guy movie, I encourage him to call a buddy, but if you liked it, maybe it'll be a good date-night flick after all!

  4. We saw Benjamin Button this weekend too, and I had the same impression! I thought, "Seriously? Is that all this guy is gonna do?" It had so much potential, but completely went downhill. And the ending was just too sad for know me and babies. Too much of a soft spot there. We are DYING to see Wolverine...DH and I are big X-Men fans...

  5. Glad to hear you got out on a DATE!!!! Good for you guys. Thanks for the reviews!

    Happy Monday!

  6. I was wondering about LCH, so glad to see you enjoyed it. Eric & I both like the X-Men films. I actually rewatche one this past week.

  7. We were supposed to go on a date and watch the latest Xmen as well, too! But, as we pulled up to the theatre, I just couldn't bring myself to bring the baby in there where it is just too loud and crowded.

    The babysitter (Uncle Peter!) and my hubby went in and watched and I went home with the kids! I will have to wait for it on video :(

    We also watched Ben Button this weekend and I was SOOOOO disappointed!!!!!!! Of course, I HAD to stay up and watch to see what happened in the end. What a waste!:)

    I hear Star Trek is very good as well


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