Friday, May 15, 2009

No More School!!

Final post today, promise! Today was our official last day of school!! (except math, we still have some math, I'll spread it out over the next few weeks) We decided to have a picnic in our backyard, but it was soooo windy that we ended up back inside for our desserts and right after coming in, it started to thunder and rain! (we need the rain)

Here's my big belly. This baby is not coming until August 27th, so, see, I AM big as a house! Oh, don't worry, I can get much bigger! (and will) (notice my long scar, that is the side where the rod and screws are, nice ankle Jamie!)
Wind, wind, wind!

Springtime in MN, we can still see the top of our hill, but soon, once the leaves are full grown, we will not be able to see up there anymore.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. What a great picture of you (and the baby!)-- you look beautiful, especially surrounded by all those pretty flowers! :) (Actually the words, "Oh, how cute she looks!" are what came to mind, but I wanted to make sure you knew I truly meant "beautiful")

    Wonderful reason to celebrate -- we only have two weeks to go here, I can't believe it! Congrats on making it through such a challenging year, yikes!!!!! (Oh, and cool scar. What a story to go with it, too!)

  2. You look wonderful! How great that school is done. We are done June 11th and I cannot wait!

  3. We should be so lucky as to be done with school!

    It's great to see you (and baby) back on your feet, Jamie--truly great. I'll bet it feels pretty darn good on your end, too. :)

  4. You do look beautiful.

    Way to go in getting done already, even after your injury! How did you do that?

    We'll finish first week of June after some standardized testing.

  5. Glad to see you and baby!! Looking good! We're still working on the last of our school work and anxiously awaiting the conference in a couple of weeks to go and see what we'll use in the fall..can't wait!
    I'm with you on the wind. What's been up with that!!?? It's awful here lately. So ready for warmer days and a little less wind.
    Beautiful view in your backyard.
    Have a great weekend! the new header photo too!

  6. Good for you about the schooling. I know how hard it was with two and not being injured, so double awesome for you! We finished a while ago.

    You look FANTASTIC!

  7. I'm so glad you're bootless, and just in time for cropped pants season! Your belly looks beautiful!

  8. Congrats on finishing school! That's fantastic!! My kids wanted to eat lunch outside yesterday, but I knew our lunch would blow away if we did. They beg to have a picnic everyday, and we will, as soon as the windy weather ceases.

    You look super!! =) I bet it feels so good to be on your feet again.

    Oh, and my husband and I watched Last Chance Harvey last night. It was good. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Weekend blessings to you and your family!

  9. You look great, Jamie! I'm so glad you are up and at 'em again!
    Didn't today top the windiest of winy days ever?!
    Hope to see you soon,

  10. Wowie! You almost don't fit on my widescreen montitor HAHAHAHAHAAAAA! I bet I got bigger than you with my second one. I was all wet from the beach one day and I went over to my parent's house. My dad is short and weighed about 400 pounds at that time so I went into his room and grabbed some of his knit shorts that he wears around the house.

    They fit.

    I tried to find a tape measure to see what my waist measurement was. There wasn't one in the house that was long enough.

    I hope you have a nice, content, healthy, big (but not TOO big ;)) baby in there. I hope I get to see him when he is fresh from the nest. I like them fresh babies best.


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