Saturday, May 9, 2009

God Is In Our Cities!

Taken from my "Little White Book" (6 minute reflection book)this morning:

"The city of St Paul, Minnesota, derives it's name from a tiny Catholic chapel built by a French missionary priest.
Fr Lucien Galtier had come to the United States in 1838 and was ordained in Dubuque, Iowa. In the spring of 1840, the young priest was sent to his first mission (a trading center known as Pig's Eye, Minnesota) to minister to the French-Canadians living there.
In October 1841, the priest began work on a chapel. On November 1st that same year, the chapel was dedicated to St Paul. Fr Galtier chose the name, hoping that one day the area would become known as "St Paul", rather than Pig's Eye."

Now, of course this caught my attention because we live in Minnesota, but look at all the cities across the whole United States. Look at how many thousands of cities are named after Saints. To take it even a step farther, look at how many cities are started with a history of our rich Catholic faith.

The government is trying to take God away. Take prayer away. There is no way they can do it. We have the Saint's intercession in so many cities. Just saying the name of each Saint city, that Saint is there.

My husband even remembered that one of his uncles lived on a street called "Galtier" growing up, down in St Paul, MN.

History. Rich history. Government, just keep trying to take God out of our cities, you can't do it.


  1. have been a busy blogger since I have been away. All good post I have been reading here.

    Govt. has been sticking its ugly fingers in religion already.

    Adoption agencies have had to shut down because of pro-gay marriage wants to adopt and if they say no.....huge lawsuit againts Catholic Charities. Wonder if they will sue the Catholic Church if we do not marry them someday.

    I think because of the media and educational system people really do not know history.

  2. Happy Happy Mothers Day to YOU~

  3. As someone who has lived in St. Cloud and St. Stephen, I have always LOVED the fact that the Saint's names are on everyone's lips as they talk about where they live, etc.!


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