Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Babycakes finally went potty!!! (in the pot) Last week, we tried every day. I found out she can hold it a long time. She only wet like 5-6 times per day. Then, she would want to go sit on the potty. I just wanted her to have one small success. By Friday, I thought, OK, after countless stickers (she'd get a sticker each time she sat on the potty), and jelly beans (I cannot drive yet, so no M&M's), I thought I'm going to put her on the pot and sit in the bathroom and play games, sing songs, read books, have snack and well, just wait until she just goes! Literally 1 1/2 hours later, she still hadn't gone, so we took the potty to the living room to watch a cartoon (Clifford), a half hour later, still no potty. SO, I gave up, put on her undies and went to make lunch. Within ONE minute, she wet her undies!!! AAAAAAAhhhhhhh!! I didn't even try over the weekend.

We did buy a bath time baby for her and put it on the fridge for when she does go all day, every time.

Today, she finally went!!!!! Yahoo!!!! It's just the beginning, but hey, it's a beginning! It's a small success for her! (and me!) I have to say, there is nothing like that feeling of training a toddler, doing the almost impossible!

I am woman, hear me roar!!!!! (click on the words and hear a classic!)


  1. How wonderful, Jamie! Prayers for more success coming!

  2. mama mama mama....chocolate is going to make this baby do it...I just know it.

    call up that delivery service asap and say...come to mama!

    just kidding
    I think that is just funny she sits all day then goes in her pants...silly baby girl.

    Hang in there she will do it!

  3. Oh, can you get the M&M's via delivery?

  4. Funny kids. Graham will go #1 on the potty, no problem. Does he tell me?? Not always! #2 is our issue.

    I sat him in front of the screen yesterday, too - trying to get #2 - but he 'didn't want to go #2'. I finally relented and put a diaper on Graham so the kids could go outside.

  5. Love hearing your exuberance! It is a milestone to celebrate. :)

  6. Congrats!

    Can someone pick up M&M's for you?

  7. Hooray indeed! Celebrating your (her) success with you today. As a mama of late potty trainers (both over 3 yrs.old), I remember celebrating those small triumphs. Hope it keeps going well.


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