Wednesday, May 27, 2009

VBS Planning!

Our Catholic homeschool VBS starts Monday! I am so excited!! The kids have a great time every year and I get to plan preschool!! I can't find my kitchen counter, but it's coming together!

Play-doh, gluing, stamping, painting, hat making, necklace making, songs, games, follow the leader and ring around the rosie...just a few things in the planning. I have 3 helpers and 12 preschoolers, 7 are age 3, and 5 are age4. My own Babycakes will be turning 3 on the first day of VBS!

The 3 pictures at the top are the crafts planned for the first day. Photo frames, homemade, of course, boy hats and girl hats. The Saint is St Joan of Arc, and the virtue is patience. We will learn patience by waiting in line to play a game of toss the flower into the hoop! Snacks are simple, as some kids have special diets and I don't want to leave any kids out.

We are so blessed to have fellow homeschoolers that have a hobby farm and open it up to 60 kids every year, and 60 helpers!


  1. Jamie,
    It all looks very fun! Come Monday morning (bright and early) we will be in for an adventure! I am excited about helping you out, and I can tell my 3 year old will really enjoy her self.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. I want to be 3 again! Those kiddos are going to have fun fun fun with you. Have a great time!

    Happy Birthday Babycakes!

  3. That looks like SO MUCH fun!! Wish my kids could attend a VBS like that. Our parish version is a bit 'generic' and 'watered-down', if you know what it mean :)
    Enjoy your time with the little ones! Hope the weather will be wonderful for all of you next week.

  4. That does look like fun! You will be SO GREAT at planning the preschool program! I sure wish we lived near you and could attend!


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