Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sick of Being Sick!

Thursday will be 3 weeks of this awful flu-cough thing we've had! It started with the girls, getting it each a few days apart. It starts with high fevers that last for days and days and then they come and go. Then, the cough and sore throat starts. Oh, and eye stuff! This is not a regular cough, it's the one where it keeps whoever has it up all night. (and their mama) So, with 3 little girls with this, the mama did not get much sleep! It then turned into a trip to the doctors, because of the fevers that never seemed to go away! They ended up with ear infections. None of them have ever had them, so this was the first time for the pink stuff. I dreaded putting them on antibiotics...hate to run down their immune system, but what's a mama to do?
This is the motivation for "Mary" my 4 year old, who refused to take the yummy, bubble gum smelling pink stuff. When the 10 days are up and she's taken her medicine she will get her prize!
The funny thing is though, after taking the medicine a couple times, she started getting excited every time it was time to take the pink stuff!! SO, is it really fair to give her this great stamp set for doing what the other girls are doing too? I think she'll have to share.

My husband then was the next one to get this awful thing, he's been sick since last Monday. He's always so tough when he's sick, but this time, he stayed home from work, all last week and finally went to the doctor yesterday. He didn't get the yummy pink stuff, but he did get some big pills! I've had it all along, but didn't get the fever or the eye stuff (thank God) and just started the awful cough 3 nights ago. I don't cough that much in the daytime, but boy, I sure can't lay down, at all!

Jedi is the only one who has not gotten it. He's so healthy. Of course, he's the one who completely stays away from any germs, doesn't share cups or anything that anyone has touched, he barely kisses his mama! (I make him, and say every night "you gotta kiss your mama!")

At least it's not the "Swine Flu" right?


  1. Fevers and vomitting began here Monday at 3am. Oh, I hope we are spared from coughs!

    When I was pregnant with C. and coughing all night the only thing I could take that helped was Tylenol Cold PM. I even drove myself to the store at 2am in the snow to get some!

    Hope you are all feeling better soon!

  2. Oh, Jamie. When it rains, it pours. Hope you're all well again very soon!

  3. Wow, I cannot believe you are still dealing with this nasty bug! I am also thankful I did not catch it ;)

    As we've never had to take antibiotics, I can relate. I hope it works and that you're all better very soon.

  4. Tom did look in bad shape. Poor guys. Poor family. Get better soon!!!!

  5. That picture scares me only because my oldest is allergic to amoxicillin. Hope they all get better soon!

  6. I hope you are all better SOON!!! God Bless!

  7. I have some of that stuff in my 'fridge now thanks to Squirrel Boy who won't swallow pills - then he has to complain that the liquid stinks! Oy vey! I told him next time to get the pills and stop being a baby! He's fifteen!!

  8. Oh yeah, get well soon y'all here? God bless!

  9. jedi must be pretty good at hiding his cup then, huh? in this house if you don't want anyone to use your cup you practically have to keep it under lock and key!

    ps. i always loved the taste of amoxicillan for some reason. gross, i know!


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