Saturday, May 23, 2009


2 weeks ago, my hubby did our bi-weekly trip to Sam's Club with us, (since I still was not driving yet) and he could not figure out why I was not buying Irish Spring soap, it was so much cheaper than my usual Dove or Oil of Olay soap. He thinks my soap leaves a film on his body and he thought I just bought it because it was cheaper....
Funny, for the past 12 years he's been using my soap, thinking, I guess that I've been getting the best deal. I think the opposite, that his kind of soap leaves the icky film. SO, now we get separate soaps! I do have to admit, he does smell mighty nice after his shower!


  1. That's really funny, Jamie. The film is probably that he doesn't like the lotion in Dove and you don't like that Irish Spring doesn't have lotion...

    Anyway, isn't it odd how it takes us so long to learn some 'basic' things!! I learned, 2 yrs. ago, that my hubby had been re-folding all his handkerchiefs a certain way. I couldn't believe he hadn't told me; I mean all those years I was folding it differently and could've been doing it the way he likes. To me it seemed so inefficient not to have mentioned it earlier.

  2. That's funny Jamie!! Know why?? We are EXACTLY the same. Those are the same two soaps we get at Sam's club too!! :) Reed thinks the same thing with the 'film' and prefers his Irish Spring. I choose Dove as my 'luxury' bar soap for me. Thanks for the chuckle on this one, I can relate!

    ps...LOVE kiddo's picture on your header...glad hubby let you post it!! Great to see them!! Is that your porch?? From the little I see, I love it. (I'm kind of a porch-girl and we've got a wrap around on the front of our house).

  3. Sarah, that is funny!

    Yes, that is our porch, I love porches and was so excited when we bought this house, because of that porch mostly!

    You can see the kids' personalities in that picture perfectly, Jedi, bugging Babycakes, Babycakes not really caring, she's so easy going, Mary, not wanting anyone to touch her, and Ballerina Rosie always ready with her perfect picture pose!

  4. we so use separate soaps. always have. :) very cute kiddos. and that memorial day flag picture looks like there is a cross in the blue part where the sun is shining thru.......


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